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Want an Electronic Drum Kit? |

I have my e-kit hooked up to Rock Band with the mad katz midi adapter. You should use some google-foo to make sure the model e-kit you have will work but I think most of them do.

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The adapter connects your kit to the game console and it wasn't a big investment if I remember right. There was a bit of tweaking needed to assign the pads to the right address so the game registers it properly but there are instructions and tons of help online.

I'd like some advice on electronic drum games

Guitar has taken up my time for the past year or so but using an e-kit with Rock Band is a lot of fun! Very helpful, guys. Appreciate it! I always preferred Guitar Hero drums over Rock Band.

Guitar Hero Drums on a Mac

What would happen if there's a hit on the crash and floor tom simultaneously? It would be charted as Blue and Green. Further, snare and hi-hat would usually be Red and Yellow respectively BUT if the song had a two handed hi-hat part like REM's Orange Crush then snare and hi-hat would flip-flop so you wouldn't get crossed up trying to move Yellow to Red and then immediately back to Yellow Not a HUGE deal but, really ruined the authenticity for me. On the other hand, Guitar Hero drums were straightforward.

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It was just more realistic Since it was fully supported, and is crazy fun. I dont think it is a problem with Miditar as Garagband still indicates that it is receiving the midi events? Jan 20, PM.

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You will need to trash the version of Garageband 11 or move it out of the Applications folder before you can install this. It looks like Apple have really screwed something up with Garageband 11 as there are quite a few people with Midi controllers reporting similar issues.

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