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Skate 3. May 11, Update 1. DLC Fix: Download. Most reacted comment.

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Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Related Games you might like to see : Just Dance Mod. FIFA Just Dance NBA 2K Winning Eleven Guide fix download link "Filecrypt. Use English language on site to see correct password. Your aim in Skate 3 is to sell skateboards with your business partner. This is done by taking part in skate events as well as a range of other challenges to get you, and your brand, noticed.

After a short, but useful tutorial section you are left to your own devices in Port Carverton. Freestyling is fun for a while, but if you want to sell some boards, and keep your partner happy, then the challenges are there to help meet your ever growing sales target. Altogether, there are ten different types of challenge including:.

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Getting Started and Tutorials are there to teach you the basics, and act as an introduction to some of the more advanced moves that can be done. Beyond that each challenge type brings something different to the mix. Photo lets you perform a trick, get several shots of that trick in action, and then offers some simple editing tools to frame the best shot for a magazine cover. Own the Spot is similar to Photo except the emphasis is on achieving a certain score, while Own The Lot expands that to an area and multiple challenges within it. Deathrace is a welcome change of pace and break from tricks where you race against other characters over a makeshift course formed in an area of Port Carverton. The final challenge type to mention is Hall of Meat, which has you jumping off buildings and purposefully attempting to break bones or perform moves like the Cannonball. The addition of marker points allows the current position of your character to be remembered so if you mess up a simple button combo teleports you back there saving you time and cutting down on player frustration.

Pedestrians are present when your are attempting to do a trick on a specific object and they have a tendency to walk or stand right on the line you need to take.

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This can get really frustrating, especially when they appear mid-trick and ruin it. The team-based challenges also suffer as multiple characters are tasked with getting a high score on the same piece of equipment.

Skate 3 - FUNNY MOMENTS - Part 1

Away from the challenges customization is a key feature of the game, but not one you are forced to take part in. You can spend a lot of time modifying the look of your skater, and of your teammates when they get unlocked. This has no effect on their skating ability, just the way they look.

Take the indie skateboarding game with you to the skate park.

Additional items such as clothes and board bits are unlocked as you progress too. Online multiplayer is handled through EA Nation, which allows you to setup a password-protected account to upload your creations, share stats, and play online against others. Away from the single-player challenges it offers an opportunity to show how good of a skateboarder you have become.