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I used some of the jewel tones in the palette to create this look as its holiday season. If you read my blog, you can probably tell that nothing is as sweet as a sultry smokey eye for me! So here I go again with another smokey eye look! This time I used dark bronzes and browns and paired it with this sexy hot pink lip! Summer nights just got hotter! The colors in this palette could not be more perfect!

They are right up my ally! My two favorite shades are caramel and morocco! With a more muted lipstick I think this look can be worn in any time of the year! There are no set rules in makeup so do what your heart desires!! I really need to do something about those! In my experience, most shades are pigmented, apply well, and wear all day long.

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Six of the shades are from the existing, permanent shade line-up, while two Plath and Roxy are new. I had trouble applying two shades—Roxy and Echo—as they were sheerer, more watery, and ended up patchy and uneven on the lips. Lovesick is a muted, medium mauve pink with neutral-to-cool undertones and a matte finish.

It had mostly opaque color coverage with a smooth, even application. The color lasted for over six hours, but it was a touch drying after six hours.

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Mother is a medium-dark pink with subtle, cool undertones and a matte finish. It was very nearly opaque in a single layer, and the color spread evenly across the lips and did not turn patchy or uneven. It wore well for seven and a half hours on me and was slightly drying overall.

Plath is a dark, reddish brown with warm undertones and a matte finish.

It was richly pigmented and covered the lips with opaque, even coverage. The texture was less flexible to me after it had dried down, and it seemed prone to emphasizing the natural texture of my lips. The color lasted for almost eight hours and was drying after six hours of wear.

Backstage Bambi is a bright, medium-dark fuchsia pink with cool, blue undertones and a matte finish. It had semi-opaque color coverage and felt more watery when I was applying it. It wore well for six hours but faded somewhat unevenly and was a bit drying. The sheerness together with a foolproof formula, it's remarkably easy to get a clean and precise application with Lovelorn.

Let's just say I have never once used a lip brush to apply this color! Though the only thing I wish Lovelorn would have done better is longevity as it doesn't last longer than a couple of hours before a reapplication is needed. It leaves a perfect amount of glossy shine that adds youthfulness to the overall look. If you don't mind the short wear time that is! On a side note, today marks the first day of watermarking my photos. I can no longer sit and watch people stealing my photos and using them without giving me proper credit, or worse, slapping their own logo on top of my creation.

I wish other companies did this too. Lovelorn is such a beautiful pink and it looks great on you!

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Although I do have a few similar shades. Sorry to hear about people stealing your photos. I hate that.

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But back when I ran a food blog. I even had a restaurant steal my photo. What the heck is up with that? I actually did! I tried reaching out privately and when I went ignored I blasted them publicly on my blog. I had a lot of time on my hands back then lol. It was horrible because I had literally just visited that restaurant like a few days prior. It is sad we have to take such measures, but you are absolutely right protecting what is your work. Thanks, Anne.

Funny because I was so afraid of ruining them before! I love your pictures and it makes me so sad that people are stealing them! Anyone can see the amount of effort and care you put into them. Thanks so much, Sharon! It makes me happy every time when I hear someone says they love my pictures! Maybe I should make it a little more noticeable! Or… even less noticeable to make it even harder to spot!

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Hey Jaa, this is so you! Sorry to hear your photos have been repetitively stolen. The watermark is very discreet tho!

Well I have grown to understand this is almost inevitable.