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If you're having trouble finding what to get rid of, download something like Dr. Cleaner or Monolingual , which help you automatically find files that you can safely delete from your Mac. Using Dr. If there's still not enough room on your hard drive, check out our guide on how to completely uninstall apps on Mac OS X , which will show you how to not only get rid of an app, but all the files associated with it as well.

Heavier apps such as web browsers looking at you Chrome and movie editors use up a ton of system resources, leaving less available memory for other tasks. All of this affects system performance, so before you start playing games, make sure to quit from resource-heavy apps in your dock. The less amount of open apps taking up memory, the more responsive your Mac will be, making gameplay that much better. Every time you log in to your Mac, a handful of apps open automatically, using resources before you even do anything. The problem with that is that they take up processing power and RAM that could otherwise be used towards gaming.

Luckily you can disable both of them using Terminal. To disable Notification Center, open Terminal and enter the following two commands from Pastebin, one by one, in this order:. You will no longer receive alerts, banners, and notifications for any apps in your Notification Center. To get Notification Center back on your Mac, open Terminal and enter the following command from Pastebin. Similarly, you can disable Dashboard through Terminal by using the following command on Pastebin.

Your dock will disappear for a bit and Dashboard will be gone. You can bring Dashboard back with the following command on Pastebin. The final battle and events set the stage for even more to come in chapter 2. If the hour journey doesn't satisfy you the first time around, you can play again and make different choices, ending up with significantly different outcomes and endings. Jon Carr. Read our full review of The Banner Saga for Mac. We missed J. Among The Stars first time around, when it was originally launched as a relatively simple puzzle game for iOS devices.

However, the iOS version isn't around any more - the tale of CBE's travails with its original publisher is an epic all by itself - and the current version of the game has been updated and expanded into a more complex adventure game for Macs and Windows PCs. You play Rachel Manners, an astrobiologist who is part of a mission sent to a newly discovered solar system that shows signs of intelligent life.


But as your ship approaches its destination you are woken from cryogenic sleep to discover that the ship has been damaged and that the rest of the crew are dead. That leaves you on your own to repair the ship and then to uncover the mysteries of this new solar system. Although J. Instead of simply wandering from room to room and using the standard point-and-click control system to manipulate objects, the game also allows you to interact with J.

You can also use your computer systems to examine the solar system around you, to upgrade Mobot, or make repairs to your ship. And, of course, there's the central search for alien life that keeps the plot moving forward, eventually presenting you with a dilemma that will determine whether or not you ever return home to Earth. However, Layers Of Fear is Aspyr's first original game, and was developed in conjunction with Polish developers Bloober Team , who claim to specialise in 'psychological horror games'.

In many ways, Layers Of Fear is a fairly conventional point-and-click adventure game, in which you take on the role of a painter who wanders around his creepy mansion as he attempts to finish his great masterpiece. And, like many adventure games, Layers Of Fear throws you in at the deep end, with little information about what's going on, or what you need to do next. That leaves you to wander from room to room, clicking on various objects that act as clues to the story that unfolds around you. What isn't so conventional is the nightmarish atmosphere that the game conjures up during your explorations.

Doors slam shut behind you, or may even vanish altogether, trapping you in a room or forcing you to keep moving forward. It's a bit tricky to discuss the plot without giving away too many spoilers, but it soon becomes apparent that there's something weird going on - either in the mansion itself, or in the mind of the painter.

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Like the recent horror film, The Babadook, Layers Of Fear emphasises atmosphere over action, and may be a bit slow for people who like their horror games to come with hordes of shambling zombies. But if you enjoy the slow unfolding of more psychological horror stories then you'll find plenty of chills to savour in Layers Of Fear.

At first glance, Life Is Strange looks like a fairly conventional adventure game. You play a teenage girl called Max Caulfield who is having a bit of a bad day at school. Max ducks out of class and heads to the bathroom for a time-out, and as you wander the school corridors you can click on objects or people around you to gather information that guides you through the game.

That's routine adventure stuff, but life starts to get strange when Max witnesses the murder of her friend Chloe - and discovers that she has the ability to turn back time. Saving Chloe reveals a deeper mystery concerning a missing student called Rachel, so Max and Chloe set off to find Rachel and uncover the dark secrets of the sleepy town of Arcadia.

That's straightforward enough, but Chloe's time-travelling abilities add a whole new dimension to the standard point-and-click adventure format. Sometimes a conversation with another character will reveal some useful information, allowing Chloe to go back and replay recent events so they have a different outcome.

However, changing past events can have unexpected consequences, leading to some difficult - and dangerous - decisions. The story unfolds in five separate episodes, but you can check it out for free by downloading the first episode through Steam and then deciding if you want to explore the mystery further. We enjoyed its haunting, Buffy-esque depiction of the dark side of teenage life, and our only complaint is that the keyboard-and-mouse controls felt a bit clumsy so you'll progress more smoothly if you have a proper game controller to help you out.

Life Is Strange was a big hit back in although the Mac version didn't arrive until a year later , bringing a Twin Peaks twist of mystery and small-town weirdness to the adventure game genre.

The success of Life Is Strange lay in the emotional impact of the story as teenager Max Caulfield attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding the apparent death of her friend Chloe Price - along with a little help from Max's ability to rewind time and try to alter the course of events. The success of that first game was a potential problem for this new sequel, as it means that anyone who has played the original Life Is Strange already knows where the story is heading.

However, Before The Storm succeeds on its own terms, showing us more about Chloe's life and introducing a new character called Rachel Amber. The main game is divided into three episodes, with the first episode setting the scene as Chloe and Rachel skip school and hang out together - and then discover a disturbing secret about Rachel's family life. The next two episodes see the young girls tackling their personal problems and getting caught up with a small-town drug-dealer, and this Deluxe Edition also includes a fourth episode that acts as a prelude to the original Life Is Strange.

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Before The Storm is a little more conventional than its predecessor, as it lacks the time-travel tricks of the original game. However, it does introduce a new 'backtalk' dialogue system that acts as a kind of verbal sparring match that allows Chloe to talk her way out of tricky situations. So while Before The Storm doesn't break any new ground, it stands right alongside Life Is Strange as an impressive piece of video-game storytelling.

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It's a bit temperamental about system requirements, though, so check the Feral website to check compatibility with recent Mac models. Generally I am not a fan of what are often termed "old-school" graphics. I don't mind playing older games, but games intentionally made to look bad ie pixellated usually annoy me. Your dock will disappear for a bit and Dashboard will be gone. You can bring Dashboard back with the following command on Pastebin. Updates to your software include both bug fixes and new features that affect the way your computer runs, including the games that you play on it.

If you use Steam, it's also a good idea to update all of your games, which provide patches, updates, and new game installs that improve the way they run. Just go to "Library" and check which games need to update unless you have auto-updates enabled, then you're fine. Each game you play has graphic settings that you can customize to add more details to the background, let you see further, and more. Usually you'll find these settings in the game menu under "Graphics. As you can see below, many features like motion blur and sun shafts are disabled, because I don't really care for them, as they tend to cause a significant amount of lag because they constantly need to be updated and drawn.

Ultimately it's up to you to choose which graphics settings are worth keeping, since all will affect game performance one way or another. You can also change the quality of certain graphics, which can range anywhere from low to high. Mess around with these to see which affect gameplay the most.

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Believe or not, playing in different view modes can affect gameplay. I tested out a few games from Steam, in both windowed seen below and full screen modes, getting mixed results in how well the game played. Some games slowed down a bit when the window was too small, but others also slowed down when I went into full screen mode.

Try out all the options possible to see which works best for you.