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On the Organize tab, click the Arrange By button to display its menu of options. Click Company. The contacts list is sorted alphabetically by the Company field. Note that if a record does not include data in that field, that record will be sorted to the top of the list. Click Work Zip. You will have to scroll down on the menu to find it. The records are sorted by the work address ZIP code.

Note that a field does not need to be displayed to be used as a sort field when you are using the Arrange By menu. In the contacts list, click the Primary E-mail column heading. The list is sorted alphabetically by that field, the column heading turns blue, and an up-pointing triangle appears on its right side. Click the Primary E-mail column heading again. On the menu bar, click the View menu, and then point to Columns to display the Columns submenu.

Click Work Fax. The Work Fax column is inserted in the contacts list between the Mobile Phone and Categories columns. On the menu bar, click the View menu and then point to Columns to display the Columns submenu. Click Mobile Phone. You may have to scroll down on the menu to find it.

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The Mobile Phone column is removed from the contacts list. Position the mouse pointer on the line between the Work Fax and Categories column headings. The mouse pointer turns into a vertical line with an arrow pointing to the left.

Press the mouse button and drag to the right. The Work Fax column gets wider so phone numbers can fit.

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You can use this technique to change the width of any column. Position the mouse pointer on the Company column heading, press the mouse button, and drag to the left. As you drag, the entire column moves with the mouse pointer. When the column is on to the left of the Primary E-mail column, release the mouse button.

The two columns change place.

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  • Save a search by using a Smart Folder in Outlook for Mac.
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Jo-Lee is it possible that an Administrator installed Outlook on your machine? What kind of error message are you getting when you try to read the schema file?


When is the error occurring exactly? I moved from Entourage to Outlook Best part: it launches and quits much faster.

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Also, I agree big time that having mail, contacts, and calendar all in one application is much better than using separate apps. Worst part of Outlook so far: delete a message and it goes to the Deleted Items folder good and disappears from any smart folder that excludes the Deleted Items folder good …if you then empty the deleted items folder, the message is not really deleted bad , it goes to some unnamed folder and reappears in the smart folders that previously excluded it bad! I am usually crazy about grammar but that one slipped by me. Thanks for the link that was informative!

Man, I would love a quicksilver plugin as well. It would be really helpful in my workflow. Geaux Tigers. Has anyone figured out how to categorize emails as they come in color code email addresses so when they are arrived, they come in already coded? I know how to mark after the fact, but not so they come in marked.

Smart Folders in Outlook 2011 for Mac

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Increased Productivity Oh, the joy since that day! Searching Locating a message In Mail can be a pain. Conversations Sometimes in Mail, it is difficult to go back and read a long list of messages and all the replies that go with them. Outlook Overview Outlook is overwhelming — in the good sense of the word. Email spoofing a quick guide to protecting your business.

Mounting multiple network drives in Mac OSX. Move local contacts from iPhone to Microsoft Exchange with this app. You say: Outlook leverages the NSPredicate object of Objective-C and lets you utilize its full power in their Advanced Search Would you be so kind to post an example of a raw query? Zsolt: For some reason there is no guide on the raw query that I can find online. Thx — John Reply. So far I am not able to get Outlook to show unread email sitting in the subfolders….?

Please tell me how can i forward by email tasks from office mac outlook ? Many thanks!!! Outlook for Mac Articles see all.

Managing Unread Messages in Outlook 2011 for Mac

If your manager has granted you delegate access, you have the ability to act "on behalf of" him or her. Depending on exactly how much access they've given you, you may be able to respond to meeting requests, send out meeting invitations, and handle their email messages.

Conversation View in Outlook for Mac. Conversation view clusters your messages based on Subject. When you use this feature, you have the option of enabling it at various levels. Folders in Outlook for Mac.

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Folders help you organize your messages. Outlook comes with a handful of folders, and you can create more to suit your needs. If you will be out of the office or otherwise away from your email , people who send you messages may wonder why you haven't responded. Outlook's Out of Office assistant lets you create a reply Rules Filters in Outlook for Mac.

Rules are a way to have incoming or outgoing messages sorted, filed, marked, or otherwise handled automatically. Search in Outlook for Mac. Search message bodies, headers, and subject lines. Send Messages and Attachments in Outlook for Mac. Send a Message To send a message, click E-mail in the Home ribbon.