Share files on mac mini server

Click on the plus button you can see it circled in red below and then select the folder on your hard drive that you would like to share.

macOS Basic Home Server Configuration (Mac mini Server)

As you can see I have shared my entire user folder which contains all my files so that I can access them all from another computer. Probably there will only be one — the one you shared in step one above.

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It will ask you for a name and password. You need to put in the username that you usually use to log into the computer that you are connecting to.

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Your second computer will now appear on your desktop, just below your hard drive. Now here is an extra hint.

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  • The computer that you want to connect to needs to be turned on, and awake. Do not to use passwords with spaces or special characters. Step 1: Select the folder where your music is stored. Here we choose Music as our folder.

    Select your current connected network then you can find the IP address of your computer. For the folder we just created, that would be Now Lightning Server has been set up for use with the network shared folder created on your Mac computer as storage. You will be able to use Lightning Server when the initial scan is complete.